I have been trained in Play Therapy, EMDR, PTSD, and Trauma Therapy and specialize in anxiety and depression. I have been in the mental health field since 2007. Most clients find my approach gentle, compassionate and involved. I try to leave you with something in each session, instead of "just listening." You can expect to be accepted where you are, to feel safe, and to be an active participant in your unique journey as we move at your own pace.


Research has shown that we can get "stuck" in our core beliefs that have been ingrained in us since childhood. We've all tried to "think" our way out of anxiety or depression and have failed. EMDR therapy bypasses the "thinking" part of the brain and works directly on the "feeling" part.

EMDR uses brief techniques of eye movements or bilateral stimulation with tapping or handheld buzzers. With this therapy, many people are able to see resolution of trauma symptoms, decreased anxiety and decreased stress symptoms, and find they are more calm and able to problem solve daily challenges with greater ease and satisfaction.

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I offer limited video/telehealth sessions with clients.

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